HMA Services

Harrison Memorial Accessories, (HMA), provides full service from start to
finish, with satisfaction guaranteed. Once the selection is made and
installation completed, contact is made to be certain all expectations are
met. Your memorial choices include any one of the below items.
Our bronze markers are 90% copper, and can be installed in any cemetery in
Maryland, the same as cemetery offering. We can accommodate the single depth,
double depth and side-by-side graves. There are several design choices: roses,
dogwood, ivy, oak and greek key, just to name a few. The marker can be
personalized to represent your loved one with emblems, like Praying Hands, Bibles,
Hearts, Cars, etc. And they
can include a bronze or porcelain photo.

bronze photo is etched in bronze and can be added to a bronze marker or
monument. The
porcelain photo can be produced in either black or white, or
color, with or without a bronze frame. It can be used on a mausoleum, bronze
marker or monument.
Both, the bronze and porcelain photo, will never fade or
crack, and has a lifetime warranty.

Monuments are solid granite and come in multiple colors. They may include
shaped stones in the form of hearts and tear drops.

Memorial Benches can be used as a headstone,
and come in several colors and different styles.
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